Privacy Policy

Who we are?

BUSINESS SOCIAL NETWORK SNAPIGRAM is a social network to promote your business and yourself as an influencer.You can follow and be followed, use chat function to connect to your followers or business partners, post about your products, create short video from your life and show your creativity on to the world.


What information do we collect?

We build privacy that works for every user. It’s a responsibility that comes with creating products and services that are free and accessible for all. We look to these principles to guide our products, our processes, and our people in keeping our users data private, safe, and secure. You can share additional information with us like your email address, phone number, and a public profile. Our social network is free for businesses and companies to create profile and describe their company and articles.

Do not make a Snapchat of your bank account, your ID, credit card or sensitive information and put it on our social network. Upload pictures and short videos about your business and contact.

How do we use personal information?

When you log in you need only your e-mail. We do not store and require any ID or your bank account. We do not ask you to provide you birthday and your address. Please do not post your ID and other sensitive data. Upload only pictures and short videos of your business and promote yourself or your business. When you use two step verification we do not store your phone number. Because we are situated in European Union we do not ask you for any sensitive data. You can use only e-mail to log in and nothing else. European Union laws have to be respected. You need e-mail to log in and that s all.

When do we share personal data?

We do not share any personal data and do not require them. You need just e-mail and password. THAT S IT.

Where do we store and process personal data?

Snapigram is free social network providing businesses and companies more then 120 futures to post about there company and products. You do not need any specific requirements to open account like ID verification or your birthday .We only store e-mail because you need them to log in.

We apply to EU laws and because of that reason we do not ask you for ID verification and private data. You need only e-mail to log in and that s it.

How long do we keep your data for?

You can cancel you account at any time. System is going to delate your e-mail and pictures that you uploaded automatically.

Your rights in relation to personal data

to use our free social network you need only e-mail to log in. Nothing else. We do not require any sensitive data or ID verification because you do not need them. European laws have to be respected. We would like to inform you that you can use 2-step-verification. We also want this small business social network to be free from nude content, opium, sex content and racism. Social Network Snapigram is for small businesses to create there professional page without sex , hate, racism and opium. We also fully apply to GDPR and you do not need to upload your ID to create business account like on some other social networks. We ask all users not to upload nude content and offer opium and we have to remove such accounts. Business Network Snapigram is for creating company page and present your company or product and to for something else. Most of users are correct and follow this instruction.

We also want to apply to all Google, Microsoft , Samsung and Apple policies and we have to remove all accounts which use Snapigram for nude content and upload porn movies and try to sell opium.

Creating Porn Accounts and uploading porn movies is not allowed and such account are going to be removed as well as offering opium. One person is not above 1000 others.

We do not share any private data with somebody else. You need only e-mail and password to log in.Nothing else. Please do not upload any sensitive data on our social network or post them. You need only e-mail to upload pictures or short video about your business for free. Nothing else.