How To Do Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Setup

Here Is the complete Guide To Fix Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Setup By Brother Printer Technical Support.


Brother hl 2270dw wireless setup

Brother HL l2360dw Printer is a simple compact laser printer along with a hi-speed service. It provides you a magnificent printing experience in hi-resolution. It only requires a monochrome color cartridge. You may also use printers by attaching them through LAN cable or ethernet cable. But with Brother HL l2360dw Wireless Setup, you can use it from anywhere in the room, and print without any problem. As the time is changing, new technology rises and replace prior ones. Everyone uses a desktop or laptop to take the print. But if you are using the wireless network on your printer, you can take print or fax documents through your smartphones. If you are having trouble setting up Brother HL l2360dw Series Wireless Setup WPS. Here are some easy solutions, you can go through and set the printer accordingly.

Solution For Brother HL l2360dw Wireless Setup

Fix 1

Printer Location

The printer location for a wireless operation is very important as it tends to increase and decrease the printer speed functionality. If you want your printer to print fast then try to install it near a Wifi router or access point. So your brother catches the signal more efficiently and completes the printing process in a faster manner.
Fix 2

Initiate Automatic Wireless Setup 

 It is obvious that the router or access point you are using is WPS protected. If you want to install Brother HL l2360dw Series Wireless Setup WPS, the process is as follows:

  • Press the Start button and wait for a while as the Brother HL l2360dw Printer will take some time to get into an active state. 
  • You have to press the WPS button provided on the front panel of your device till the lights start blinking. 
  • If It does not work out for you, then there is a reset pinhole is provided on the back panel of every printer.
  • Take a pin of appropriate size which is not sharp from the front end.
  • Insert the pin in the reset pinhole and it will initiate the Brother HL l2360dw Wireless Setup.
  • The Printer will search for a wireless connection (or WPS). 

Make sure you don’t have any kind of open connection near the printer otherwise it will connect to it due to default settings.

  • When the Brother HL l2360dw Wireless Setup initiates. One-by-one, every functional part and their state such as toner, the drum will be checked. In case if there is an error, it will stop at error state and repeatedly blink. If not, the printer will show your green light on the start state.

If due to any reason, Brother HL l2360 Printer fails to set up a wireless connection with your WPS network then you have to use the CD that comes with installation documents.
Fix 3

Use CD and Install Brother HL l2360dw Printer Drivers

Note: If any case if you don’t find Printer driver CD along with the manual documents. Don’t need to worry because you can also download it from the Web. But you have to make sure which printer drivers you are downloading and whether they are compatible with your operating system or not.
If you are a Windows user then you have different user interfaces than MAC, while installing drivers. 
Thus If you are Windows, the followings steps are:

  • Use your CD and place it on CD-ROM 
  • Access the files from the CD.
  • Execute the installation setup.
  • A window will appear about the user license.
  • Accept the user’s license and initiate the process. 
  • A new printer utility window will appear. 
  • Select the printer driver according to your current region.
  • You have read the instructions carefully and complete the driver setup.

If you are MAC user, the following steps are the same as Windows. But the initial difference is the user interface. As you can execute the printer driver installation process. You will get a window where you have to select on “Start OSX” to initiate the driver process.
After completing the Brother HL l2360dw Printer driver setup on your system. You can easily set up a wireless connection. If you have any issue regarding Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Setup.  You can visit our website or Contact us Via Call. Our technical team has excellent engineers who can solve your query instantly. Our tech team services are available – 24×7.