Can I Get A Service Dog For Severe Depression?

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Time and again you might have heard that depression is a debilitating disorder. You might be familiar with the terminology but today, let us discover how depression has become one of the leading forms of mental disorder in modern society.

The financial and economic needs of the present-day lifestyle have pushed the psychological endurance limits of human beings. People are working like robots to make ends meet and still not be able to live up to the idealistic expectation of self and society.

At realesaletter, we believe that pets can be a crucial source of support and companionship for people suffering from severe depression. If you are struggling with depression, you may be eligible for a service dog that can help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Our team of experts can help you determine if you qualify for a service dog and guide you through the process of getting one.

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Depression is a mood disorder that starts to affect the person when he is unable to meet the idealistic expectations of self. When the goals of a person are so difficult that they become unrealistic and unachievable, the person suffers from extreme symptoms of psychological despair. If flawed thinking is not corrected and rationalized, the person starts to feel low all the time. The mood states drop drastically. There is no energy and enthusiasm left and the person starts to feel hopeless. Depression is a serious mental disorder and many of suicide cases have been linked to clinical depression.

You should be mindful that if you are planning to get a service dog or ESA dog for your comfort, you must be familiar with the legal requirement for keeping one. One such requirement is a real esa letter for housing. Most of the time, the landowners have no issues with your ESA animal. However, occasionally, some landowners might require you to show an official letter. Another occasion that you might encounter is when you are traveling via air. Almost every airline has legal requirements for its passengers if traveling with an animal.

The biggest question that must be in your mind is if you are eligible for getting a service dog for yourself. To qualify for a service dog, your mental health condition must be at a point where your normal ability to perform routine activities has been severely affected. Your mental health disability must be obstructing at least one or more important life activities for you to be eligible for keeping a service dog as it will provide you services if you can't function on your own.

A service dog can help with the grounding. Often patients complain about feeling extreme levels of anxiety. During anxiety attacks with accompanying depressive symptoms, the person becomes overly disoriented and might not be able to hold himself together. A service dog helps the patient by diverting his attention. Service dog owners must keep the ESA Letter with them at all times. A dog has a loving nature, it can distract the patient by providing emotional support in the form of cuddling, hugging or by performing different activities. This momentary distraction is extremely beneficial for the depressive patient as it can allow him to detach from the negative mental spiral and stay positive. 

To qualify for a service dog, you must have a recommendation from a mental health professional stating that you cannot perform one or more life activities without the presence of a service dog. The disabilities mentioned must have an association with the services that the dog provides. For example, if your depression makes you too weary and you are not able to buy groceries without the support of your dog, you are eligible for having a service dog. If you are forgetful due to depression and can't take your medicines on time, your service dog can help you.


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