One Person Company Registration in Bangalore

“OPC registration service provider in Bangalore” is a ground-breaking idea where advances the fuse of miniature organizations and people with innovative dreams yet has no time, assets, or intends to get more accomplices to execute the field-tested strategy.


“OPC registration service provider in Bangalore” is a ground-breaking idea where advances the fuse of miniature organizations and people with innovative dreams yet has no time, assets, or intends to get more accomplices to execute the field-tested strategy. It tends to be considered as the combo of Sole ownership plan of action and the typical organization lawful element plan of action, where the OPC organization would appreciate the most amazing aspect two universes. You can enlist one individual organization under the arrangements of the organization's Act 2013 and the guidelines thereto, where it was made feasible for a solitary individual organization to go about as an organization without the intricacy of having accomplices. Such promising more individuals to approach to begin a business. In One Person Company, the individual has Limited Liability for the offers he holds in the organization he/she consolidated while working a fuse given for this situation there is just sole investor. The essential purpose behind picking One individual Company (OPC) enlistment is that the given individual has a business thought that should be addressed in a corporate organization and the thought exclusively can be completed by a similar individual with restricted assets they have. OPC organization can have more than one Director, yet the investor can't be multiple, and no individual will be permitted to consolidate more than 1 one individual organization. 

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Document need for OPC enrolment 

For consolidating your business as a one Person Company, you need to give appropriate personality and address confirmation. The reports are needed to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies. 

  • Passport size photos 
  • Copy of Aadhar Card or Voter ID 
  • Copy of PAN Card 
  • Copy of Bank Statement (not more established than two months) 
  • Valid location confirmation of office which can be the most recent power or some other service bill. 
  • If it is a leased office, at that point No Objection Certificate is needed from the proprietor of the property.


Benefits of One Person Company 

  • Restricted Liability: It helps in securing the individual resources of the proprietors with restricted obligation assurance. So, if there are any monetary issues with the organization, the resources of the chief are gotten and couldn't be seized by banks or divisions. 
  • Credibility: As OPC is a privately restricted organization, it has higher believability than conventional ownership firms. Dissimilar to Sole Proprietorship, the Certificate of Incorporation is given to One Person Company. 
  • Ceaseless Existence: Unlike ownership, where the firm concludes with any mishappening with the owner, One Person Company keeps on existing as it is given to the candidate chief. 
  • Separate Legal Entity: An OPC is a private legitimate element in its privilege and subsequently the entrepreneurs aren't dependent upon any close to home risk. 
  • The organization can secure resources and bring about obligations in its name. 
  • NRIs can enrol OPC: As per the revision in the Union Budget 2021-22, One Person Companies can be joined by non-inhabitant Indians. An individual who has remained in India for a base time of 120 days quickly going before the monetary year can enrol in an OPC.


How to get OPC Company registration in Bangalore?

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