Self-lubricating Guide Bushings For Injection Molding

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Self-lubricating Guide Bushings For Injection Molding

Self-lubricating Guide Bushings For Injection Molding

Self-Lubricating Guide Bushings for Guide Pins can save time and money in the design, construction, and operation of injection molds.Get more news about oil lubricated guide bush,you can vist our website!

Their built-in lubrication makes them ideal for any application where the parts being molded prohibit the use of external lubricants, such as medical, electronic, and food-related products.Deposits (boreholes or groves) of solid lubricant are distributed with a proportion from 25% to 35% in the sliding surface of the base material.

The overlapping geometrical distribution of the deposits assures the lubrication of the entire surface.

During operation, a compact adhesive lubricating layer forms on the sliding surfaces, reducing direct solid-state contact to a minimum and protecting the sliding counterpart.

Our lubricants contain effective friction and wear-reducing elements, as well as corrosion-protecting supplements.

Metallic abrasion and impurities penetrating into the sliding area are absorbed by the deposits, avoiding greater damage to the sliding surfaces.

The solid lubrication guide bushing is a metal friction surface with high-strength brass as a matrix to open holes of appropriate size and orderly arrangement.

Then embed a shaped solid lubricant with unique self-lubricating properties in the holes (the solid lubricant has a general area, and the self-lubricating guide bush is made for 25%-35% of the friction area.)

The guide bushing combines the respective advantages of the metal matrix and the specially formulated lubricating material, breaking through the limitation of general guide sleeves relying on oil film lubrication.

The solid lubrication guide bushing is especially suitable for use in special cases where there is no oil, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, and in water or vacuum solution infiltration and no oil film can be added.This product is mainly used in metal stamping molds and plastic molds, and can also be used in automation machinery, aerospace, and navigation, marine machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical rolling equipment, filling equipment, and other fields.