I have tried messaging Jagex for my other runescape

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Alright, thinking about OSRS gold the price drops of bandos it appears to be within price range for me. Can it be pretty stable at the present prices or should I look at it? As for range is shortbow the thing to do? Are crossbows no longer good or desired? Do you propose getting different type of weapons? At the moment I already have double wield Dscims from last time I played on this accounts. Can I also get stab and crush weapons? If so what do you suggest. As for Whips are they still favourable for the time being?That is not because they do not know how to nerf something - it's the flaw in the tier system itself. The grade system is a HORRIBLE idea. For people who haven't realized, virtually all weapons and armour are now scaled using a remarkably easy, direct relationship with demand level. The result of this is that the death of all uniqueness of weapons or armour.

Things like Korasi or even Royal crossbow that had market applications are now reduced to mere generic weapons. Ganodermic can no longer be compared with Virtus as a question of greater defence and soak versus higher crime and lifeboost: Virtus is now simply"improved by 5 levels." Do not try to make an argument for passive results or small amounts of crit bonus - barring price, there is never any reason to use lower level items whenever you have access to higher level models.

Thus, I have recently decided to play again. I have got three or four old reports, all enrolled with one or 2 of my maybe four or five emails. . I used to have more but I deleted them awhile back. . Hoping none of those emails were to my high level balances, but I digress.

I recently registered a new account/in-game username, so I'm not even sure if I'd entered an email to the input, but I know my password and personality name but I am not sure what email I had entered when I even did. It obviously keeps asking for this, and I've already tried all of the emails that I have.

I have tried messaging Jagex for my other runescape accounts, however they haven't gotten back to me after a day or two, so I don't know if they're likely to react to me personally. I will try one final time for this new account because I really needed to use this username, however. . In that case, how long would I have to wait to re-register together with the desirable in-game name? Otherwise, if I only try contacting Jagex directly through their contactus@jagex (that's likely not the email, but it is similar and I could just go and get it from their site. .) I remember the password to the accounts. Even if I've forgotten, I have just forgotten a very modest part - If necessary, I can only re-appeal several times until I receive the password directly if anything. Kind of silly, but cheap RuneScape gold whatever.