Why Does Every Lab Need To Have Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet?

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A desiccator is an airtight cabinet that allows only certain materials to enter while blocking all others from escaping.

A desiccator is an equipment used in laboratories to provide an airtight enclosure that is perfect for storing chemicals for long periods. It helps avoid the risk of chemicals or samples being contaminated by dust or other airborne particles.

These cabinets come with many interesting features like climate control, flooring, safety features and compatibility with other lab equipment. You can also set different modes depending upon the type of chemicals stored in it. Here's why these stainless steel desiccator cabinets are a must for every modern lab:

Allowing Safe Storage Of Organic Solvents

Organic solvents like acetone, ethanol etc., are often used by laboratories for different experiments. In most cases, these solvents must be stored in airtight laboratory cabinets to prevent them from evaporating quickly, reducing the remaining quantity of the solvent stored inside. Therefore, desiccators for these solvents are best suited for laboratories that conduct research into the use of organic solvents and also make use of them.

Enhance Productivity Of A Lab

Using the Global Lab Supply Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinet also helps to increase the productivity of a laboratory as it will help reduce the amount of time it takes to produce a certain amount of material. This is because the consumption of these chemicals will be minimized in the desiccator.

Reduced Risk Of Contamination

A desiccator is an airtight cabinet that allows only certain materials to enter while blocking all others from escaping. It is best suited for storing hazardous chemicals and also those chemicals with peroxides or ammonia as well as other chemical mixtures that are too volatile and tends to evaporate easily. With this facility, even a small quantity of these substances can be maintained for long periods without fear of contamination.

Perfect For Storing Sensitive Materials

Sensitive materials like water, deionized water, and other chemicals that do not need to be stored at low temperatures but require complete isolation from airborne particles should be placed inside a desiccator. These cabinets can also maintain an even temperature around the material stored inside without supplying additional heat or cooling it down too much.

Integration of desiccator cabinets to any lab allows scientists to keep their samples dry and use them later on. Desiccators are essential whenever experiments are conducted in a safe and secure laboratory setting.

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