3 Really Obvious Ways To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously Better That You Ever Did


Social media is a system for sharing info among networks and Instagram has made its reputation in the industry. Instagram stories is one of the features of Instagram where users can post their adventures or unforgettable events. Regardless of the excellent thing that Instagram provides, it has a disadvantage. Instagram stories will vanish right after 24 hours. The website doesn’t offer the option of saving your own stories. This may lead to losing the memories you cherish. Good thing is, there’s a trick of saving those clips. Here are tips on how to download Instagram stories.

Download Instagram Stories for the Whole Day
The following guidance will enable you to save a day’s worth of stories in a single Instagram story video. You will then have this video at your disposal if you want it, even though this does imply that all of your stories are clustered together in one file. A little of your time may be required in viewing for the part you only need because of the merged clips. However that needs to be outweighed by the idea that you have a copy than not getting one.

To begin downloading a one day story on Instagram, look for the "Your Story" icon. Try to find it at the upper left side part of your Instagram feed. On that open story page, you'll then come across 3 little dots, tap it and you will then see a "More" option. Then, choose "Save" and then tap the "Save Story" option. Downloading a video may require you a little more patience since it requires a longer time to be saved. You need to have the downloaded video on the Camera Roll now.

Chosen Clip Only Download
When the above technique does not work for you, there’s another technique that you might try. Clips or photos can be saved or downloaded as a separate Instagram story. The procedure is nearly the same as the above technique, excluding the later part. Rather than selecting for the “Save Story” option, choose “Save Video”. This is recommended in case you have one particular image or video that you want to preserve, but you are not necessarily concerned about the whole Story. You may check out the downloaded video on your Photographs or Camera Roll after you clicked “Save Video” option.

Downloading Stories Making use of Other Instagram Users Account
A third party website will be needed if you wanted to download Instagram stories using somebody else account on Instagram. The reasons why you want to watch instagram stories anonymously is not our aim to discuss. Regardless of what site you select, it doesn’t matter given that they may look differently, still, they work exactly the same way.

How to use a third party site for downloading
Open your preferred third party site and make sure to check the kind of info it requires. Prepare the required username or profile URL and paste it on the appropriate part of the site. The selection of which Instagram stories to save follows. As soon as you find the right one just click and ensure to select Save Link As, when the download is over you will file will be in your computer for posterity.