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Spodumain is your second best ore in low sec and is the very best ore to EVE Mobile ISK mine if your searching for the base minerals: tritanium, pyerite, mexallon, and isogen that are used in every ship blueprint in the sport in massive quantities. Spodumain's value has suffered from afk large sec retriever mining since all of it's outputs can be easily accumulated in high sec. But it remains a solid option if your company is based in non or null sec and you're looking to gather these minerals yourself rather than purchasing them from the trade hubs. Dark Ochre is the ideal ore to be mining for if your target is to assemble nocxium, as it has the highest noxcium ouput in the match per m3. Gneiss has tanked in price due to mexallon losing near half it's value per unit over the last week together with pyerite and isogen falling off in value significantly. Gneiss, just like spodumain is only viable to mine if you do not want to make trips to the trade hubs to buy the minerals.

When looking at the reprocessing values on the base line you can see that all these require significant investment in reprocessing abilities to gain any value from reprocessing them to minerals. Hemorphite and Gneiss shouldn't be reprocessed at current prices because eve at perfect reprocessing skills you wouldn't be breaking even in worth.

Null Sec ores have seen a small shake up, together with Jaspet now the best ore to be mining for now with the price changes to nutritional supplements we watched over the week. This is because of it using a large reprocessing output of zydrine and nocxium which are both still holding their value in contrast to the other nutritional supplements. Crokite and Hedbergite aren't far behind as they are still above 300 ISK/m3 on account of Cheap EVE Echoes ISK their nocxium and zydrine reprocessing outputs too, but give less than Jaspet. Bistot, Arkonor and Mercoxit will go back up in price since we get closer to T8 and T9, but for the time being it is better to take care of the other ores in null sec if you're looking to sell them for ISK on the market right now.