The largest harm

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In High Sec we can see the impact retrievers have experienced the match, brining ore costs down between 20-40percent in value over the last week. Veldspar is the only one to EVE Echoes ISK have gained value since it is continually switching between 6 and 5 ISK per year, and has been remaining in the ISK range lately. Scordite is the best high sec ore and the sole high sec ore to stay over 100 ISK/m3 due to it's pyerite output. Plagioclase and kernite have taken a massive hit in price because of mexallon heading down in price faster than the other nutritional supplements. Omber remains in the center ground of this high sec ores since it contains a bit of everything except for mexallon.

All of these ores require significant skill point investment into reprocessing and there's very little value to be gained by reprocessing them at present prices. Kernite should not be reprocessed right now because you will get rid of value by doing so even with maxed ability points in specialist reprocessing as 87% reprocessing efficiency is not accessible in-game.

You will see in the base of this display that each one the industrial mining boats have gone down in price. This is largely because of minerals decreasing in price and becoming cheaper to create over the last week as well as more individuals skilling into expert industrial production to reduce substances needed to EVE Mobile ISK Buy create them. The retriever has fallen 23 million ISK in price and the venture III has dropped 1.5 million, which is excellent news for anyone mining in null or very low sec, as it is cheaper to replace your boat if you get ganked.