This was one battle

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They made a statement that means the higher ups actually probably took notice. Have to remain on their ass about it on social networking. I would not be surprised if the NFL got in their ass. Most of us know how much they adore lousy PR. That's something I never knew. Why is it that we always petition EA to do something about it if they're in direct charge of their merchandise, when we can petition the NFL who'd actually give a damn in an officially licensed product of theirs shows it in a poor light? I really well hope that they have an idea of what Madden's franchise mode is now in time and told them to Mut 21 coins get their shit together. 100%. Roger Goddell and his classes should be questioned why they keep approving license extension.Been tweeting a few sports tv personalities #fixmaddenfranchise. Asking for them to look this up and help people out. It is wise to do exactly the same. Maybe they will discuss it. Who knows. I hope to see them proceed with this! I always play the free trial and see what's new with franchise, and check to see if I want to buy the game. And I have not bought it in 2 years. I hope to see some changes with this game style. I hope they are taking this seriously. They simply spent 1.5 Billion on the NFL license therefore that it would be crazy to get rid of a complete fan base then for franchise style neglect. No it would not, their MUT fanbase is what provides them with all the cash, so those folks are those EA cater to. That is what they have done for the last decade or so they've completely gotten away with it.

I concur with you, but that's probably 20% of their customers making up 80 percent of their profit. They'll start to eliminate the not MUT players if they do not at least do something at this point. Fixing franchise is simply the start. This game has been on roster upgrade mode for 6years. The lack of depth they revealed when they talked about that the career mode isn't something I personally want in my franchise encounter. They act like this is actually the first time that they heard there were problems to franchise. Its been bad for many years and people have said it for ages. They have just ignored it and do the whole surprise Pikachu confront when they get backlash after individuals have spoken up even louder.

This was one battle, we have got a war to win! BOYCOTT M21. Come have a look at a MODIFIED XBOX SIM FRANCHISE and make EA earn your money! Starts today. Here is the biggest bullshit response ever!

For those mad about MC not moving, do not worry! You'll get a large sense of pride and buy Madden nfl 21 coins achievement buying it all up again in August! I believed madden cash had always moved previously. I thought madden money had always transferred in the past. Also on a side note Battlefront 2 is an awesome game now and not pay2win in any way. In prior decades it was a huge app upgrade. This is a wholly new app. Going to be a very different kind of restart. Should not be difficult to move. Yes you are right, the devs have changed the sport so much for the better so much since release and I have not spent a buck on the game, and hope to compete with people who have.