You can go to achievements in game

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Yes but you can still play that sport and enjoy the money you spent. The servers will shut down for this game. I'm expecting that will be the case, but has it ever been verified? It is a new app, so they can possibly leave a server for Mut 21 coins. And most games eventually cut all servers after a few decades. Nick verified that MM20 will continue to be playable for a while after MM21 comes out. What happens if I've already linked my account, do I still get the 100 OVR pack and postage??? Will there be heritage groups? Apparently not. Nothing moves. This is a complete disaster. No MC carryover is some BULLSHIT. Make it right EA.

Last chance for EA Madden following the MM20 Debacle.... I've been proudly using my 2015 emblem for years. So mad it's going to be missing. If you are lucky you might be able to buy it for $9.99 next season. How can you maintain shit NOBODY FUCKING WANTS such as POWER, and you also take away things EVERYONE enjoys like season score and MC transferring. Absolutely fucking infuriating, the only thing you guys have going for you is your involvement in BLM, also I want it to be made clear that I really do admire you for this, but fuck away with MM21. This is a significant step backward. Electricity is staying and heritage teams and year score are all gone. Total bullshit. Fuck EA as a organization and fuck some of the workers who see that sub and do not try to fix the issues everyone has the sport.

You can go to achievements in game and there will be a"link accounts" tab which rewards 25 stone. Click that and it should take you there. If you don't already have an EA account you'll need to make one. Under settings in game the first option is link accounts. No answer on any league questions concerns me they won't be in the game in any way. If so I think you'll get rid of a great deal of players. Why do you believe removing leagues could give rise to a great deal of people to quit? I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm really just in a league since there's 3 daily aims attached to leagues. There's not a great deal of chat that happens. I really do my three forces every day and that is about it for buy Madden 21 coins my own interaction.