The whole thing was completed by a small development team

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The whole thing was completed by a small development team

The lack of quests is a major issue for me. I can't recall more than three quests in 2013 (though there may have been more). I feel that OSRS Gold there is an absence of new content. The RS3 development team appears to be to be at least 10 times larger than the Old School Runescape one, but they appear have a similar amount of content as Old School Runescape's. Although RS3 content is more complicated and takes longer to create, it's still disappointing. Think of all the things they accomplished during the the nine months in 2004.

Runescape 2, released. Morytania (up to Port Phasmatys Mort'ton i believe) released. Tiranwwn was also released (elf lands). Kharidian Desert greatly increased. Relekka and Etceteria are released. Runecrafting skill. Burthorpe, Troll Areas released. There are many quests that go along with these.

In 2005, slayer appeared. The whole thing was completed by a small development team, in comparison to the one we have today. While I can understand that it is harder to release updates now that include textures, and all of that, more quests or updates would certainly be welcomed.

I'm sure I'm wrong, however it seems that Jagex puts more thought into Treasure Hunter/Solomon's updates than regular updates to games. A lot of the items made available could have been utilized in a new quest or skill improvement. I especially like portable forges.

Quality over quantity, I suppose? No. It could be that Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold 2005 was not great in quality or that today is a great time to buy. The following quests were completed in 2005: "One of a Kind" - Okay. This one should be rated Grandmaster instead of Master. It is also extremely rushed. The area's new design incorporates recycled graphics (celestial Dungeon is similar to the Brimhaven metallic dragon area).