The Type of Bomber Jacket Women Just Love

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Women love bomber jackets, full stop. All you have to look at the women who walk their streets in the biggest cities to appreciate this fact. However, unlike men, women aren't always choosing the original designs and types of bomber jackets which made it such an instant hit initially. Women instead focus on the fashionable element in the jackets they pick.

What is the reason why the kind of bomber jackets women wear differ from those that men prefer? If you asked an individual male or woman, they would probably not be capable of identifying the reason. However, it could be related to the identity of the person.

The jackets that were originally of this sort were created for marine and bomber air force pilots. They were incredibly practical.

In essence, they were made to keep airmen dry and warm when they took off into unusually cold air to perform their most feared killing tasks throughout World War I and World War II. The jackets were made from leather, with collars, cuffs that were elasticized and fronts that were zip-locked. They were designed to keep dry air from entering. There was of course various designs that included collars made of sheepskin, and others included sheepskin lining, too.

The first jackets that were designed for World War I were longer than the ones designed later. It is evident that there isn't any one kind of jacket that deserves the label "bomber jacket". However, the title is still close to bomber pilots from these wars, specifically the pilots who fought in the UK as well as the USA.

Although the original designs were made for male wear but it didn't take many years for ladies to see the value of these jackets to be worn by women. The designs were praised by some of the most skilled fashion designers and fashion designers, it didn't take much more time for women across the world to wear modified versions of the designs too.

The majority of jackets that women are wear today are very similar to the original styles (for males) however, they're made slightly different and appear less like clothing for the everyday. Similar to designer jeans Designer bomber jackets are simply stylish and trendy.