How to Get the Best Odds From Online Tennis Betting

When it comes to tennis betting, there are multiple ways in which you can wager.


Tennis betting is relatively easy to get into. With the co-mingling of virtual technology and sports today, multiple platforms are available that seamlessly enable sports betting. If you are curious about tennis wagering, here are some things you need to know. It is a much more complex and thought invoking process than many may think. Tennis predictions require you to place wagers based on probability, hence, calling for critical thinking and analytical skills. 

Types of Wager That You Can Make

When it comes to tennis betting, there are multiple ways in which you can wager. These include: 

  • Money line is one of the most popular means of betting on tennis. Here, you wager a player to win the match. 
  • Game spread is also quite widespread in tennis. It is a great way to even out the playing field. Under this, a specific player you have put the wager on needs to win a specific number of games before winning the bet.
  • Set spread is similar to the game spread. Here too, the playing field is levelled. However, the only difference is that in a set spread, you bet on sets and not games. So, the player you have put the wager on needs to win a specific number of sets for you to win the bet.  
  • The over or under bet type comprises betting on the number of matches played.

All those mentioned above are some of the most popular forms of betting, which are widely used and accepted on different platforms for tennis betting.

Where can you place bets?

Earlier, you had to contact a bookmaker to place bets on tennis. However, it is much simpler nowadays if you take advantage of online platforms that offer betting tips for tennis. You can do this in two ways -  you can go on a web browser and access the website where you can place bets, or you can download a mobile app and place bets from either your phone or tablet. 

Tips for Tennis Betting

As is true for sports, sports betting also comes with a set of tips and tricks that gamblers must abide by to optimise their chances of winning bets. The following are some tips that you must employ when involved in tennis betting. 

Only Bet When There is Value

This tip probably goes without saying but is still the most important to keep in mind. To not lose money and ensure that your chances of winning are as high as possible, thoroughly evaluate the odds of winning and minimise the chances of losing.

Find Your Niche 

Nowadays, many tennis matches are being played worldwide, making it impossible to analyse every match and place a good bet on it. The most convenient and successful way of tackling this is by specialising in one area and finding your niche. Your niche can be anything – men's tennis, women's tennis, the Challenger Circuit, or even the Grand Slam events. 

To further narrow it down, you can even focus on bet types and specific markets that you are most familiar with and aware of. Although this decreases the number of matches you can place a bet on, it also increases the likelihood of winning substantially in the matches you wager on. Finding your area of expertise is key to tennis predictions.

Keep Track 

Tennis betting does not involve only wagering and the identification of matches that you can bet on. It also requires immaculate tracking and bookkeeping. The records should specifically include:

  • The date
  • Tournament
  • Bet type
  • Bookmaker 
  • Your stake 
  • Your odds
  • Profit/loss 
  • Comments

If you do not keep track of these factors, you risk the chances of sustaining yourself in this arena as it hinders your ability to review and self-reflect on ways to improve your skills. It has also been found that often when newcomers do not keep a record, they later find out that they have been making more losses than profit. Such realisations hit hard and can lead to adverse effects.

Analyse Playing Styles 

First, analysing a player's style and winning strategies is an essential part of tennis betting that some beginners overlook. With the advantage of video recording, you can now watch and rewatch footage of a player's past matches. Relying on trends and other people's analyses is not enough if you want to maximise your wagers. Thus, trusting yourself and your observational skills goes a long way in the world of fantasy sports betting

Tennis betting has many layers, and mastering it is not easy. For sports or fantasy sports-related information, FantasyBet is the place to turn to! Whether you are looking for betting tips for tennis or any other sport, we have you covered with tips and tricks along the way!