Shanghai School News Roundup

Shanghai School News RoundupShanghai School News Roundup


Wellington College China held its annual Festival of Education, bringing thought leaders in progressive education together with nearly hundreds of attendees at its three campuses in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Taking place over two weekends, the Festival featured a series of stimulating and informative talks, panel discussions and workshops. The Festival of Education is one of China's leading forums for educators, parents and general enthusiasts who seek insights on everything from career development to cutting-edge theories and new methodologies.To get more news about education in shanghai china, you can visit shine news official website.

After many months of hard work, NAIS Pudong was treated to three nights of music, dance and drama. It was incredibly impressive to enjoy this level of performance, entirely managed by a cast and crew of students. The production is a testament not only to NAIS Pudong students’ abilities, but also how their skills are cultivated and made visible by their educational approach.

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi has been invited to attend the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in recognition of Year 11 student Jemima, who received the High Achievement Award for IGCSE Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Language. Jemima received the highest marks on the Chinese mainland for this subject and is the sole recipient of the award across China. Congratulations!

Harrow Shanghai recently enjoyed a thorough celebration of the musical talents of its students. These were mostly solo performances involving a wide range of instruments, from piano to violin, singing, drums, guzheng and much more. In the evening, they had the Upper School Interhouse Music Competition Finalists' concert, which involved the top nine performers from the audition round and exhibited a wide range of different musical styles and instruments.

Dulwich Pudong Senior School students just wrapped up their Sports Education Program where students not only play the sports but also take the lead in running every aspect of the teams. This innovative program teaches students valuable lessons about: taking responsibility, being accountable to peers, developing team spirit and exploring leadership. This is another example of the pioneering education which happens at Dulwich.

Last month, BISS Puxi ran the FTC SkyStone competition. Students from different year groups gathered after school to take part in this exciting and high-tech event. The student teams design, build, and program robots to meet a complex engineering challenge, then compete head-to-head against other teams in a high-tech sporting event. The competition is split into two parts. The first 30 seconds is autonomous where students need to program the robot to complete a number of tasks. The second part is 2 minutes 30 seconds long, and people need to control the robot using a program that they write themselves to complete a number of tasks. This year the students needed to build towers from blocks and work together to move various resources around. It was a tough competition with three teams. All the teams did well but eventually the team captained by Thor won.

WISS gives you the opportunity to develop your interest in aviation, air traffic control, aeronautical science, engineering, physics, military or civilian aviation fields by studying the newest IBCP Pathway. The aeronautics pathway is a high-level educational program offered in collaboration with one of the most highly regarded universities dedicated to the field of aeronautics – Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Currently, WISS offers the IB Career-related Programme in four different pathways: Aeronautics, Art Design, Business Sustainability and Sports.