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Sayre Blok Bookcase/BookShelf Comes with Simple Design, Enough Shelf Space That Can Store More Than


The Blok Bookcase and Bookshelves is an elegant piece of furniture with a timeless design. You can keep all your books and other decorative items at this spacious bookcase. The compact design of the bookcase will look fantastic in any part of the house. It accommodates enough shelves to store around 80 to 100 books, and still, you will have some space to keep your favorite plant or a fishbowl aquarium. It comes with four protective caps on the bottom to ensure the stability of the case, along with protection against scratching on floors. Sayre's bookshelf is the ultimate choice to turn your living space into a vibrant and cool place. Features: Extended Space: Sayre Blok Bookcase is designed for book lovers, with a storage capacity of around 80-100 books. So, now show-off your whole collection without worrying about space. Unique Design: This Bookcase is uniquely designed to augment the room's aesthetic value. The white body with brown framing makes it an elegant piece of furniture. High-Quality Particleboard: It is made with 3/4 inch thick top-quality particleboard to make it long-lasting for years. You never have to worry about maintenance. PVC Edgebanding: PVC Edge Banding is used for protection against any chipping and cracking. Thus, making it an excellent pick for a family with children. Environmentally Safe: This Sayre Pool Bookcase is made while keeping our environment in mind. Therefore, it is made from environmentally safe materials.

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